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2024 SAHP Livery Mega Pack


Pack Description

This pack draws inspiration from the California Highway Patrol, ensuring a lore-friendly experience. In the near future, we plan to introduce an option for non-lore compatibility, enhancing the versatility of the pack.

Included Liveries

11 CVPI - Patrol, K9, Polarbear Liveries
15 Charger - Patrol, K9, Polarbear Liveries
16 FPIU - Patrol, K9, Polarbear Liveries
18 Charger - Patrol, K9, Polarbear Liveries
18 Ram - Patrol Livery
19 Tahoe - Patrol, K9, Polarbear Liveries
20 FPIU - Patrol, K9, Polarbear Liveries
AS350 Heli - Air One Livery

Total Liveries: 20


Liveries Made by: Xpogamingyt
Sold and Owned by: Xpo Modifications

Supported Models

(Models not included)

Ripple's Liberty II Pack
Ripple's 21TR Pack
Ripple's 2021 nFORCE Pack
JA Designs' Code 3 Mega Pack
AS350 Helicopter
And many more!


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