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Xpo Modifications™'s Terms and Conditions Policy

Terms of Service
As of 12/24/2022
Last Updated 02/18/2024
What Was last updated: Hours of Opprirations

These are subject to change at any time, if & when they do, you will be notified.

This document delineates the rules and guidelines governing the utilization of Xpo's Modifications website and its products. By accessing, making a purchase, or establishing an account on this website, these terms of service apply to the user. These Terms of Service ('Terms') oversee your engagement with this website, applications, purchased licensed software, or any other associated platforms. When making a purchase through us, you automatically affirm your agreement to our Terms of Service.

Business Details:

Business Name: Xpo's Modifications™®
Contact Email: help@xpomodifications.com
Refunds & Returns: financialteam@xpomodifications.com
Phone #: ‪(951) 465-8122‬ - M/F 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST

Hours of Opprirations:

Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 17:00 (Military Time)
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED
Time Zone: PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Please note that Xpo Modifications will be closed during major US holidays.

1. Definitions

  1. Product(s): Refers to the application, licensed software, or any item available for purchase on our online store.
  2. You, Your, User: Denotes the end-user currently viewing and reading this page.
  3. Use, Using: Describes the act of utilizing the product, encompassing actions such as downloading, installing, activating, or running the product.
  4. Agreement: Denotes this document.

2. Information and Product Use

  1. By agreeing to this document, your information is securely stored on our network to provide optimal data protection.
  2. Third parties may request access to your information, subject to the predefined requirements for each party accessing your data.
  3. Utilizing products for any illegal activities, such as selling copyrighted works or sharing threatening content, constitutes a breach of this agreement. Instances of misconduct can be reported to xpomods@gmail.com with supporting evidence of the violation.
  4. Xpo's Modifications retains the prerogative to revoke your access and rights to a product at any time, without any repercussions on our part.

3. Third Parties and Security

  1. Some products may necessitate hosting in a live World Wide Web environment. Hosting locations are unrestricted, allowing you to deploy products on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or any other online server.

  2. Parties granted access to your host machine are obligated to adhere to this agreement. It is your responsibility to furnish third parties with this agreement and ensure their compliance by creating an account.

  3. You bear the responsibility for securing any owned product and preventing breaches of this agreement. If a breach occurs through a third party associated with you, actions may be taken against you and other involved parties. Embedding this agreement with the product is recommended to fortify against inadvertent breaches. Refer to 'Agreement Availability' for additional details.

  4. Suspicions of a third-party breach of this agreement should be promptly reported to Xpo's Modifications for resolution.

  5. Our community hub for support and general inquiries is the social media platform Discord. This includes engagement with other community members. While suggestions from community members may be offered for support requests, we disclaim liability for any misinformation. Our dedicated product support team is available to provide verified advice.

  6. The product is exclusive to the purchaser, encompassing its usage. For instance, hosting the product for a friend's store is prohibited. The product can only be employed for projects or businesses owned by the purchaser. Exceptions can be considered by contacting xpomods@gmail.com.

  7. Removal or banning from our Discord community may result in a corresponding website ban. While not universal, it is a significant possibility to be aware of in such cases.

4. Product Alterations

  1. You have the freedom to modify the contents of a product, provided such alterations align with all terms specified in the agreement.

  2. It is expressly prohibited to alter, modify, edit, delete, or amend the credits or license system integration within our products.

5. Distributing Products

  1. Redistribution of any product to third-party entities is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Xpo's Modifications. It's important to note that this exclusion does not apply to VPS and/or server hosting companies, as the product remains under your account through the hosting company.

6. Agreement and Service Availability

  1. The integrity of this Agreement is paramount, and it must be maintained in its original form without any modifications.

  2. It is imperative that this Agreement accompanies the product consistently and remains unaltered at all times.

  3. In the event of system unavailability, including the license system, certain services on your end may be affected. Please be aware of potential disruptions.

  4. If a product is delisted from our store, anticipate that subsequent downloads may not be possible. We strongly advise our customers and supporters to maintain backups of their owned items for unforeseen circumstances.

7. Product Credits and Authors

  1. Crediting for the product should not be claimed by anyone other than the original creators. It is expressly prohibited to remove credits from within the product's file(s).

  2. Certain products may involve additional authors or creators not explicitly mentioned in the product files. To identify these credits, please refer to the product's store page.

8. Payments and Refunds

  1. Exclusively, we accept payments through Stripe, and the transaction process is managed directly by the Stripe system; we do not handle payments internally.

  2. We have a No-Refund Policy. However, Refunds are issued exclusively in the form of store credits. Only if the below stipulations are met.

  1. Refund requests are considered on an individual basis with no guaranteed outcomes.

Please be aware that upon the successful granting of a refund request, the corresponding item will be removed and will no longer be accessible.

8.1 Commission Refunds

  1. All Commission's are Non-Refundable.

Please Note, Regardless of the circumstances, once a Commission Order is placed, the payment is considered final, and no refunds will be issued.

9. Product Warranty and Gain

  1. This product is strictly prohibited from being exploited for personal, financial, or commercial gain.

  2. The user assumes sole responsibility for any damages resulting from the product's use or misuse, as the author(s) disclaim any liability. Appropriate support will be provided as deemed necessary.

  3. Products may transition to legacy editions or become decommissioned over time. In such cases, we are not obligated to provide a refund, and notice of a product reaching a legacy edition will typically be issued prior to decommissioning.

  4. If a product is decommissioned or reaches a legacy edition, refund eligibility is contingent on meeting the criteria outlined in Chapter 8, Section 2.

10. Agreement Violations

  1. Breaching or violating this agreement with a product may lead to the termination of services from Xpo's Modifications and/or its third parties. Investigations will be conducted, and appropriate actions will be taken as deemed necessary.

  2. In cases of agreement breaches, contact may be initiated with an affiliate group - Protect The Developers and or Warden. These groups are dedicated to ensuring the security and protection of creators and fostering a safe community. For additional details, visit their sites at:

Protect The Developers


  1. Upon confirmation of agreement violations, access and associated license key(s) may be deleted or restricted.

  2. Furthermore, your account on our system may face banning, deletion, or disabling as a consequence of agreement breaches.

11 Commission Information

11.1 Commission Updates

  1. While our developers are not bound to deliver regular updates on your custom order, they are committed to keeping you informed to the best of their ability.
    • Recognizing the substantial workload our developers manage, consistent updates may not always be possible. Nevertheless, we assure you that every endeavor will be made to provide timely information within their capacity.

11.2 Commission Storage

  1. Xpo Modifications is not obliged to retain any content from your commissions. As our valued customer, it is your responsibility to download and securely store a backup of your commission(s) for safekeeping.

  2. While Xpo Modifications developers have the option to keep a backup of your commission for your convenience in case you need to re-download it, please note that they are not obligated to do so.

11.3 Last Minute Changes to Commissions

  1. After payment for your commission through Xpo Modifications and the finalization of the order, we do not allow any last-minute changes to be made to your commission. However, we do accommodate small changes at no additional cost, including:

Please note that specific stipulations apply for liveries.

12. Right to Refuse Service

  1. We retain the exclusive right to decline service to any individual at our sole discretion. This encompasses scenarios where a customer violates our terms and conditions, exhibits abusive or disruptive behavior, poses a security risk, or requests services beyond the scope of our offerings. In the event of refusal, we will make diligent efforts to notify the customer and, if warranted, offer a brief explanation.

13. Payment Plans

  1. We offer convenient weekly payment plans for our customers.

  2. Upon the successful completion of full payment, your order will promptly enter the processing phase.

  3. The following criteria define a Non-Payment situation, necessitating the Pausing/Canceling of the Order/Commission. Please be aware that an additional grace period of 3 days beyond the payment due date is provided.

    • Failure to make a payment within 3 days of the due date.
    • After the 3-day grace period, a late payment fee of $10.00 USD will be incurred for each subsequent week the payment remains outstanding.
  4. Meeting any of the aforementioned criteria will result in the Pausing/Canceling of the Commission/Order.

14. CFX Escrow System Usage

  1. Certain products on our Site, such as Vehicles, Scripts, and EUP, uses the CFX Escrow System. This signifies that the product is exclusively usable on the CFX Account linked during the purchase process.

  2. Xpo Modifications bears no responsibility for the following:

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